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The British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) supports advanced research in the humanities and social sciences of South Asia. It is a registered charity (number 264591).

 Text of Letter to Sir Steve Smith, Vice Chancellor, Exeter University (sent March 2018)

"Dear Sir Steve Smith,

We are writing on behalf of the British Association of South Asian Studies. We are currently due to hold our annual conference in the University of Exeter in April, and were dismayed to hear that your University was planning to impose punitive pay deductions for actions short of a strike.
If previous industrial disputes have taught us anything it is that needlessly punitive practices during disputes continue to have a negative impact long after the dispute is over. None of us want to work in a university where resentment levels are high, and good will eroded. BASAS members have been contacting us about this policy and some are reluctant to attend the event in the circumstances.
We therefore, welcome the steps you have taken to reassure staff that ‘the University will be reasonable and proportionate in the way we approach the withholding of pay for anyone who is participating in action short of a strike’. We note the threat to revisit this in light of further action and call on you to follow the actions of other Vice-Chancellors who have agreed not to withhold pay from staff engaged in action short of a strike.
We very much look forward to the event in Exeter next month, and would not want the exchange of ideas, cutting edge research and networking to be tarnished by the lingering threat of punitive action against our colleagues who have done so much to organise this leading international conference.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Jeffery


BASAS is one of the world's leading learned societies for the study of South Asia. BASAS was established in 1986 and is now the largest UK interdisciplinary academic association for the study of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, and the South Asian diaspora. In 2007, BASAS merged with the Society for South Asian Studies, which had been formed in 1979 when the Society for Afghan Studies (founded in 1972) expanded its remit.

BASAS organises an annual conference, workshops and lectures, held at different locations each year in the UK, and welcomes participants from all academic disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. BASAS is particularly keen to promote the careers of graduate and early career researchers working on South Asia and organises workshops and conference panels with their needs in mind. BASAS also publishes the journal South Asian Studies, partners with the journal Contemporary South Asia and engages in advocacy work, for instance through its membership of UKCASA (UK Council for Area Studies Associations).

The Association is managed by an elected council of BASAS members. These include the following Association officers: Professor Patricia Jeffery (University of Edinburgh; BASAS Chairman), Dr Pritipuspa Mishra (University of Southampton; BASAS Secretary), and Nageela Yusuf (BASAS Treasurer).


BASAS Policies and Key Documents (PDF)

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BASAS Council


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Ketan Alder (Graduate and Early Career Network)
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Deborah Sutton (South Asian Studies Editor)
John Zavos (Contemporary South Asia Editor) 



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Annual Reports before 2004 are archived at the University of Cambridge and may be consulted by appointment.

Minutes from Council Meetings, AGMs and EGMs are available in the Members' Area of the website.

Disclaimer: These files are provided for information only. The minutes and attendant papers signed by the Society's chairman and held in the Society's office constitute the only official record of Society activities.


Members meet at the 2010 BASAS Annual Conference
Members meet at the 2010 BASAS Annual Conference
Photo by BASAS

“It’s very refreshing to see senior scholars come and still be interested in helping to shape the careers and trajectories of the younger scholars"

Professor Frank Conlon, University of Washington