British Association for South Asian Studies


Fees and payment information

Discover more about the process of becoming a member of the British Association for South Asian Studies.


The membership fees for 2020-2021 are as follows:

  • Individual membership rate – £45
  • Individual concessionary rate* – £25

Membership includes free journal subscription to either Contemporary South Asia or South Asian Studies. Members have the option to receive both journals for an additional £15 per year.


*The concessionary rate applies to the unwaged, retired, researchers earning less than £18,000 gross per annum, people based in South Asia, full-time students, and graduate and early career (GEC) researchers. GEC researchers are current doctoral candidates at a recognised place of higher education, or those who completed their doctoral studies less than 3 years before the time of applying, unless the individual is already permanently employed in a full-time capacity.


Membership calendar

  • BASAS membership is based on the calendar year (1st January to 31st December.)
  • You have until 1st April 2021 to renew your membership for 2021 without being dropped from active membership status or removed from any electronic mailing list. 
  • Any members who join between 1st October 2020 and 30th September 2021 are considered 2021 members.
  • All members receive the complete publications schedule for the relevant membership year, regardless of when they joined within the publication cycle.
  • Membership applications received on or after 1st October 2020 will be considered for 2021 membership and will receive the 2021 publications schedule.


Payment methods

Individuals can join BASAS or renew their existing membership using four methods:

  • payment online using Paypal
  • standing order payment
  • bank transfer
  • payment by cheque

Payment by PayPal:

To renew your subscription please log into the members' area. To join for the first time please use our online application form. Please bear in mind that using PayPal comes at a cost to the association which pays fees to the company. A standing-order from a UK bank, on the other hand, is free to both the payer and the recipient.

Payment by standing-order:

Standing orders can be set up in the following ways:

  • Print, then complete the form attached below, then send the form to your bank
  • You can also set up standing orders using internet or phone banking. Use the information in the form below when requested by your bank

Once you have set up a standing order send us confirmation by email to the address below, and we will enable your access to the members' area of the website. Please note: this can take up to a week.


Download a copy of our standing order mandate in Word format.

Payment by bank transfer:

Individual payments can also be made to BASAS by national or international bank transfer. Details can be downloaded here

Please note: It can take up to a week from the transfer for receipt of payment to be confirmed and the membership application process to be completed.

Payment by cheque:

Cheques must be drawn from a UK bank and made payable to the 'British Association for South Asian Studies'. Please send to:

The Assistant Secretary
British Association for South Asian Studies
27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX
United Kingdom


Payments covering more than one year:

You may pay a lump sum in advance to cover membership to the association for three or five years. The rates for this are as follows:

Three years in advance:

  • Individual membership rate – £135
  • Individual concessionary rate – £75

Five years in advance:

  • Individual membership rate – £225
  • Individual concessionary rate – £125

Please contact the Assistant Secretary at for more information about this membership option.


Confirming receipt of your payment and application

Please note the receipt sent via PayPal is your proof of payment from BASAS. If you are renewing your membership you may log into the Members’ Area to confirm changes to your member status shortly after having made the renewal.

Membership fees are non refundable. Applicants become members of the association once their application has been approved by the Council.