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New BASAS DSA Study Group

Established in Summer 2019, the study group is a joint venture between the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) and the Development Studies Association (DSA), and will bring together academics and representatives from cultural bodies and civil society organisations, and has the following aims:

Develop a network of individuals across DSA and BASAS with mutual interests able to support one another’s research on South Asia and development;
Identify specific scholarly themes to shape and co-develop research programmes; and
Build new connections to inform future scholarly collaborations.


This study group is informed by the study of South Asia, and is dedicated to exploring themes and issues in development which cut across disciplines.

The study group’s participants are involved with examining how shifts in power emerge alongside development practices, how these shape patterns of contention, and the consequences of these dynamics for themes including religion, environment, inequalities, everyday life, gender, sexualities, and democratic participation and conflict resolution.

Webinar Series

We’re pleased to announce that we will be running, among other initiatives, a series of webinars. These will focus around a common theme of the mobility of development practices, in relation to how different types of power shape development practices, covering questions such as:

• What does the historical shape of development routes reveal about power and how people relate to it?

• When and why do notions of sustainability and inclusivity move towards and away from focuses of power?

• In what ways can the process of exploring contention over boundary issues (such as environmental and digital resources) create new opportunities for social and political change?

• How can those analysing development move through sites and spaces better understand these dynamics?

These sessions will run from Oct to Dec 2019.

We would really like you to be involved in developing this network with us, and as a step in this direction, to perhaps consider shaping the programme/speaking at or chairing one of the webinars. Please let one of the convenors know and we can begin to put together our programme.

Day Conference/Workshop

The webinar series leads into our second activity, and this is a one-day graduate and early career conference/workshop, where we can explore some of these ideas further. This is planned to be held in early 2020.

We would invite you join our network of individuals across BASAS and the DSA to shape and co-develop our research programmes. We’re also pleased to have secured some funds to support our activities.


This study group is convened by academics at the University of Manchester, Birmingham University, National University of Singapore, University of Oxford and the London School of Economics, and involves an interdisciplinary team from religious studies, history, and the politics of development.

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