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BASAS Council Elections 2020

Are you interested in playing a vital role in shaping the future direction and activities of BASAS?

If so, BASAS would very much welcome nominations for a range of forthcoming vacancies arising on BASAS Council (see below for more details of this year's vacancies).  To register your interest please ensure that your completed Nomination forms are submitted by the deadline of 31st July 2020. 


This year Council will be seeking nominations for a new Chair, TreasurerGraduate and Early Career Research (GEC) Members as well as up to three Ordinary Members of Council.  The terms of office for all of these posts will be for an initial three years and will commence with effect from November 2020.

Should the number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies for any of these roles then BASAS members will be asked to select a preferred candidate through an election process.

Brief Role Descriptors for each of the forthcoming vacancies are detailed below- and if you would like to find out any more about any of these roles (on informal basis and without commitment), please do not hesiatate to contact the Assistant Secretary at who will direct you to the appropriate person.

The Role Descriptors for each position are as follows: 


The Chair is one of the Officers of the Association (the others being Secretary and Treasurer) and is a Trustee of BASAS. The Chair’s role and responsibilities include:

i. To support the breadth of South Asian Studies - both geographical and disciplinary;
ii. In keeping with the current direction of the Association, to support and encourage the professional development of early career scholars in South Asian Studies in the UK and abroad;
iii. To represent the Association in external relations with other organizations in Britain (and consequently the Chair needs to be domiciled in the UK);
iv. To provide leadership and direction to the Council by identifying opportunities, including but not limited to collaborative events/projects, scholarships and awards, journal growth, membership growth etc.;
v. To enable the Officers of the Association and other Council members to fulfil their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of the Association;
vi. To consult with the Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary to ensure that the Association complies with its governing document, charity law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations and ensure that the Association pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.
In practice this translates to the following activities:

i. Overseeing the organisation of BASAS (although all administrative matters are handled by the Secretary and Assistant Secretary);
ii. Chairing four Council meetings per year, three via Skype and one in person at the annual conference, and overseeing the general operations of the Council;
iii. Participation in the annual conference (which is usually held in April each year);
iv. Serving as a member of the editorial boards for the two BASAS journals, Contemporary Asian Studies and South Asian Studies;
v. Outreach activities as per the interests, energy and enthusiasm of the Chair.
vi. Abiding by BASAS rules and values at all times.


i. Subject to the Council's control and to the specific provisions of these Rules, the Treasurer shall have charge of the Association’s funds, receive sums due to it and shall account for them;
ii. He or she may make payments on behalf of the Association without direction from the Council provided that such payments are no more than £1000. For sums over a £1000 the Treasurer and a Council officer must both sanction the payment;
iii. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Council at the expiration of each financial year of the Association a Statement showing a Balance Sheet and the receipts and expenses of the Association for the period in question, and shall present at the Annual General Meeting such a Statement approved by the Council;
iv. If deemed to be necessary by the Council and in line with Charity commission rules, the Treasurer will submit the Statement to an Auditor for necessary approval;
v. The Treasurer will also liaise with, and report to, any funding body from which the Association receives support;
vi. Abide by BASAS rules and values at all times.

GEC Representatives

Graduate and Early Career (GEC) Network representatives on the Council ensure that GEC members’ needs are being met by the Association. GEC members are trustees of BASAS and elected by the GEC membership only. There are currently two seats on the Council for these positions. GEC members will:
i. Represent GEC needs on the Council;
ii. Promote membership to the Association to those eligible to join the GEC Network;
iii. Lead on communications with GEC Network members (via JISCmail discussion list and dedicated Facebook page);
iv. Organise GEC Network workshops at the Annual Conference;
v. Encourage participation in the Annual Essay Prize;
vi. Encourage participation in the Annual Conference;
vii. Liaise with other academic organisations and networks which share GEC Network
viii. Abide by BASAS rules and values at all times.

Ordinary Members of Council

Ordinary Members of Council are Trustees of BASAS and will:
i. Participate in Council meetings and attend the Annual Conference wherever possible;
ii. Lead and/or contribute to Council sub-committees;
iii. Promote the Association amongst their institutions and networks;
iv. Ensure the proper governance and management of BASAS;
v. Abide by BASAS rules and values at all times.