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BASAS Council Elections 2017


BASAS is seeking nominations to fill two non-reserved seats (Chair and one ordinary member) and two GEC-reserved seats on the BASAS Council.

Through this election, members of the Association will decide who should fill them on 1st November 2017.

Council members typically take part in the following activities: revenue generation ideas and financial reporting, conference and annual lecture organisation, work on the website and newsletters, potential collaborations with other organisations, membership growth, journal distribution growth and encouraging the submission of high quality papers, and society governance. Former Council members have gone on to take up senior academic posts, head departments, and become journal editors.

For information about specific roles please refer to the BASAS Council Job Descriptions.

Members who have previously taken part in a BASAS conference are highly encouraged to apply.

Members who have experience in working with websites, social media and online technologies, and those who have previously been involved in fundraising are encouraged to apply.

Each new Council member is expected to serve a three year term from 1st November to 31st October.

Any member of BASAS may nominate another member of BASAS by i) arranging for written consent by the nominee to be sent to the current Council, and ii) providing secondment of the said nomination from one other member.

Any member of BASAS may nominate himself/herself providing his/her nomination is seconded by two other BASAS members.

Any non-BASAS member may nominate a member by i) arranging for written consent by the nominee to be sent to the current Council, and ii) providing secondment of the said nomination from two other BASAS members.

The individual seeking nomination must make available, to those who are considering seconding his/her nomination, a Statement of Purpose providing details of past involvement with the Association, along with details of what he/she would bring to the Council if elected.

For the purposes of nomination and election, only individuals whose membership is current will be considered BASAS members.

Nomination papers are available here

Nomination Deadline
The deadline for submitting a complete nomination will be Monday 31st July (5pm UK time).

GEC representatives
Elections are also taking place to fill a seat reserved for a Graduate and Early Career representative. Only GEC members are eligible to stand for election to the Council as GEC Network representatives and only GEC members of BASAS will be entitled to vote for GEC representatives. If you believe you should be a part of the Graduate and Early Career community, but have not received a separate election notice for the reserved seat, please contact the Assistant Secretary at

GEC nomination papers are available here



To check whether your membership is current, please feel free to contact the Assistant Secretary (at

For further particulars about the election, or to make an informal enquiry about becoming a BASAS Council member, please contact Dr Priti Mishra.

Dr Priti Mishra
Secretary, British Association for South Asian Studies