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06 April 2021

BASAS Black Lives Matter Seminar Series

BASAS wholeheartedly supports the Black Lives Matter movement. As a South Asian Studies association, the inspiring activism and conversations within the BLM movement have provoked us to think critically about our work and we are exploring how we will adjust our activities in response to this important provocation. We recognize that racial, religious, ethnic and caste discrimination has blighted the lives of many South Asians across the subcontinent. We also recognize that there are important distinctions between the experiences of African Americans and those of South Asia’s minorities, yet there are also many resonances in the mechanics and impact of the oppression experienced by minority communities across the globe.

As part of our ongoing effort to actively provide a platform to disseminate scholarship and debate featuring scholars and activists from minority groups in South Asia, BASAS presents the first in a series of webinars that engage with scholars who work on minority issues in South Asia. The webinars will begin in April 2021 on a monthly basis.

Our first three speakers for the series will focus on India.

Dr. Papori Bora
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Women’s Studies,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi

Dr. Yasser Arafath Pothukandiyil
Assistant Professor,
Department of History,
Delhi University

Dr. Jesús F. Cháirez-Garza
Lecturer in the History of Race and Ethnicity
The University of Manchester.

In the continuing series we will engage with scholars from other parts of South Asia.