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04 March 2021

Call for Papers: 'Buddhism in Pakistan'

Submission Deadline: 14th May 2021

The Silk Road Centre in collaboration with Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations and Quaid-i-Azam University is organizing an international conference on Buddhism in Pakistan along with an art festival and sacred Buddhist site visits to promote the understanding and value of Buddhist heritage that flourished here between the 3rd century BCE and 10th century CE in contemporary Pakistan. The conference will be held in Islamabad from October 11-12, 2021. We are now accepting abstracts for the conference as well as art projects. The deadline to receive the proposals is May 14, 2021.

The conference wishes to explore the following themes:

  • Buddhism in Pakistan – History and Philosophy
  • Discovery and Preservation of Buddhist Scriptures
  • Development of Gandhara Art and Architecture
  • Road to Buddhism: From Lumbini to Gandhara and beyond the Silk Road
  • Buddhism, Peace and Interfaith Dialogue in Pakistan
  • Buddhist Pilgrimage to Pakistan

The conference will also feature Buddhist arts and crafts from Pakistan and around the world. Original works that demonstrate artistic excellence will be presented at the two-day event.

Contributors of artwork are requested to submit a one-page artwork statement including:

  • A brief introduction to your artistic work or your art project(s).
  • Contributors are requested to send their artwork statements latest by May 14, 2021.
  • Creators of selected works will be notified in advance for the presentation of their artwork.
  • Images and sketches can also be submitted along with the artwork statement.
  • The full-page statement should be in simple language and needs to avoid technical jargon and prosy writing.
  • Some detail about why you have created the work and its history; sources and inspiration of the work to be presented; and technique(s) used to create the artwork.
  • Basic idea and relevance of the work to conference themes.

Guidelines for submissions can be found here:

Contact Info:

Dr. Sadia Mahmood (