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Convenor: Dr Imre Bangha, University of Oxford

The Early Hindi Texts research group is an international consortium of scholars working on critical text-editions of works in Braj bhasha and the other early Hindi dialects. Between the 16th and 19th centuries a substantial corpus of literature was produced in north India, which has been preserved in manuscripts. Although literary texts in these handwritten books preserve the earliest layers of Hindi culture a large part of them have not yet been published and few critically edited.

The research group is exploring the rich literary heritage of north India from the 16th century through the edition of some of its key texts, thus fulfilling a task which is fundamental to literary scholarship. This is urgent work as early Hindi skills are in decline in India and Hindi philological projects have become rare in the west.

The group at present is preparing a critical edition of the Kavitavali of Tulsidas and a selection of the works of the Dadupanthi poet Bajid.

Group members

  • Imre Bangha (Lecturer in Hindi, University of Oxford ; Head, Alexander Csoma de Korös Centre for Oriental Studies, Miercurea Ciuc) (Convenor)
  • Dániel Balogh (Independent scholar, Budapest) (Kavitavali)
  • Eszter Berki (Independent scholar, Budapest) (Kavitavali)
  • Eszter Somogyi (Independent scholar, Budapest) (Kavitavali)
  • Daksha Mistry (Reader in Hindi, MS University, Vadodara, India) (Bajid)