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South Asian Medicine: The History and Social Understanding of Indigenous Medical Practice

Convenor: Dr. Dominik Wujastyk, Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine, University College London

This research group is interested in all aspects of indigenous South Asian medicine, including the intellectual history of pre-modern physicians, the history of Indian medical literature and medical theory, the social and anthropological dimensions of contemporary indigenous medical practice, and the ethno-botany of village medicine.

The group is an international conference of scholars, organised in a consciously co-operative, organic and non-hierarchical fashion. The geographical focus is non-specific, although several members are working on material in Ladakh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Active members of the group include (listed alphabetically):

  • Guy Attewell (London)
  • Philipp Maas (Vienna)
  • G. Jan Meulenbeld (Groningen)
  • Unnikrishnan Payappallimana (Bangalore)
  • Laurent Pordié (Pondicherry)
  • Karin Preisendanz (Vienna)
  • Dagmar Wujastyk (neé Benner) (Cambridge)
  • Dominik Wujastyk (London)
  • Tsutomu Yamashita (Kyoto)
  • Kenneth G. Zysk (Copenhagen)

Photo: Tibetan Medical Treatise, title page. Courtesy of the British Museum, London


Some recent group publications


Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine