British Association for South Asian Studies



BASAS is renowned for being an accessible and supportive community that represents a broad spectrum of individuals ranging from professors to postgraduate students, and policy makers to independent researchers. Membership is continually expanding, in the UK and in Asia, Europe and USA.

Why join BASAS?

  • Free journal subscription to one of two leading South Asian studies journals: South Asian Studies or Contemporary South Asia. Online access to journals is now available.
  • Online access for members to information about the latest jobs, funding and research opportunities
  • Regular newsletter updating you on recent developments in South Asian studies, opportunities and news from the BASAS community.
  • Annual Conference for BASAS members taking place on 3rd – 5th April at the University of Durham.
  • BASAS postgraduate article competition open to members only
  • Publicity platform for your latest research and publications, courses and opportunities
  • Online networking with BASAS members through the members directory
  • Graduate and Early Career network and support specific to the needs of postgrads and early career researchers

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“...I didn’t have a home, so to speak, in which I could share my work with other South Asia scholars. I found BASAS to be that space where a lot of people from different disciplines were coming together and having very interesting and engaging conversations with each other. What's more, they were doing so in a spirit that was mentoring and collegial"

Dr Kanchana Ruwanpura, University of Southampton