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The Association supports a number of autonomous research groups, based in the UK, and involved in distinctive research initiatives. Groups are encouraged to leverage their expertise and desire to conduct distinctive research initiatives through the submission of applications to grant-awarding bodies such as the AHRC and ESRC.

July 2019- Launch of BASAS/DSA Study Groups

The group is a joint venture between the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) and the Development Studies Association (DSA), and will bring together academics and representatives from cultural bodies and civil society organisations, and has the following aims:
Develop a network of individuals across DSA and BASAS with mutual interests able to support one another’s research on South Asia and development;
Identify specific scholarly themes to shape and co-develop research programmes; and
Build new connections to inform future scholarly collaborations.

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April 2018- BASAS invites applications for new Research Groups.

We are looking to re-energise BASAS research groups and develop them as high profile networking spaces that reflect the innovative South Asia research of our members.

We expect the research groups to be active, online spaces that provide an opportunity for mentoring, expertise sharing and networking among scholars of all ranks. They should be productive and open forums with a healthy balance of junior and senior scholars – places for developing projects, testing ideas, sharing fieldwork knowledge and developing workshops, conferences and collaborative research.

As funding bodies are increasingly expecting research projects to include networking and impact, these groups will support scholars as they respond to these new agendas across the sector, as well as providing safe spaces to explore creative, new research and methodological approaches.

Each research group will need to sustain a consistent online presence, either as a group blog and/or via a JISCmail discussion list. BASAS will maintain individual group pages (with links to the blog and/orJISCmail page), support networking and development of workshops or other initiatives. The BASAS conferences will feature research group melas where the groups will be able to promote their work and reach out to potential new members.


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Please contact BASAS to update details about your research projects, publications and events.

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